Are You an Older American Weathering the Pandemic? Share Your Story

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If you are over 65, you are in the age group at highest risk for a serious Covid-19 case. We want to hear about how the ongoing toll of the virus has changed your life and routines.

Because of heightened vulnerability to Covid-19, older adults have been instructed to take extra precautions. But many have wrestled with the trade-offs. Some have been taken care of by family, friends or volunteers; others have felt forgotten or isolated, partly because of their age.

There is no evidence that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is more dangerous than previous ones, but older Americans may be worried. If you are an American over 65 and have an experience to share about how your age has shaped the way you are living through the pandemic, we want to hear from you. A reporter may follow up to discuss your response. We won’t publish your name or comments without talking to you first.

How is the Pandemic Affecting Older Americans?

Share your experiences. How has the ongoing nature of the pandemic changed your life and routines?

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